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About us

Optitech is a well established importer and distributor company in Hungary. We are active for more than 20 years. We started with consumer electronic, but for now we have a good selection of brands from consumer electronics to household appliances to eco green energy products.
Beside the distribution right for several brands from Europe and and we are also making direct import from the Far-East. We have well organised sales network in Hungary and some export in neighbour countries. We are listed in some retail chains, specialists, hypermarkets, big surfaces in our region and selling to many other small shops all over the country, plus we have other distribution channels to B2B and to the gouvernemental sector as well.

Our headquarter is located in Budapest in a company owned building of 250 m2. We maintain a showroom also in Budapest and we have several internet shops. We have a central warehouse and outsourcing warehouse close to Budapest. We set up a daughter company for service support / hotline etc. It’s a well established organization in one hand for Hungary market.

FYI we have recently opened our new eCommerce portal, where we can handle consumers, onllineshops, wholesalers and export customer at the same time. We supply up to date stock and price information via datastream to many connected websites.

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